Below is a framework for an extremely simple video game, implemented in JavaScript, that includes the following features:

  1. Creating a new player profile or choosing from an existing ones.
  2. Creating, saving, and loading games, using the “Local Storage” functionality of HTML5.
  3. Playback of video and audio clips at appropriate moments.
  4. Adjusting the volume of audio sound effects and music.
  5. Fading in and out between various “scenes” of the game.

To see the source code, or to make a comment, visit

Most of the media files I used for testing this program were obtained from free sources. Specifically, I got the video (of a biplane doing tricks) from Wikipedia's article on web video, the music, orignally called "Kalimba.mp3" from... Freesound, I think? I made the title screen in Microsoft Paint. And I originally used Windows 7's "Ding.wav" as the click, which I guess isn't free, but I'm not benefitting financially from it, and I'm certainly not hurting Microsoft by using it, so you could make a case for fair use there. But none of that really matters, because due to Neocities policy I can't upload .wav, .mp3, or video files to this website anyway. I guess I'll have to figure something else out.